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At Waatea, we aim to make the enrolment process as smooth as possible. This means being open and transparent about the expectations our Kura has of each child and the commitment of whānau to ensure an enjoyable and meaningful learning journey.

How do I enrol?

To enrol your tamariki please click on the enrol button below to complete the enrolment process online. Alternatively, you can request an enrolment form by calling the school on 0800 922 832 or email:

To complete your enrolment we will require the following documents:

  • Your child’s birth certificate or passport;
  • Your child’s immunisation record;
  • Your child’s Early Childhood Centre Portfolio (if they have one);
  • Your child’s most recent school report from their previous school (excluding new entrant students);

If you are not a New Zealand citizen we also have to sight your child’s Visa in their passport. Please note that some non-residential enrolments may need approval from the Ministry of Education.

Enrolment Restrictions

Our maximum enrolment number is 140 students per calendar year. 

Enrolment Policy

Our enrolment policy and processes comply with the requirements of our integration agreement and the Education and Training Act 2020.

As a state-integrated school, we have several conditions of enrolment, including attendance dues and acceptance that students will participate in the general school program that gives the school its special character.


The school welcomes enrolment enquiries at all class levels, and parents are welcome to arrange an appointment to visit the school and meet the principal or other relevant staff.

If a parent wishes to enrol a child with additional needs, the school may need to apply for appropriate resources from the Ministry of Education to support the student.

If a student has been indefinitely suspended from another school, the board will meet and consider the individual case, and either accept or decline the enrolment. The board also considers whether this is a preference or non-preference enrolment.

Types of enrolment

Preference enrolment

The Education and Training Act 2020 (s.26) states that “the children of parents who have a particular or general philosophical or religious connection with a State integrated school must be preferred to other children for enrolment at the school”.

Parents may apply for preference enrolment for their child, and the decision to accept the enrolment is made using criteria stated in the integration agreement.

Non-preference enrolment

Parents may apply for non-preference enrolment if a student does not meet preference enrolment criteria. Non-preference enrolment is also determined by criteria and is dependent upon vacancies at the time of enrolment and restricted to a percentage of the maximum roll as specified in our integration agreement.

Starting school

Each child must be enrolled at a registered school by the time they turn six. Once enrolled, they must attend regularly. If the student would benefit from a staggered transition to school, a plan can be agreed between the child’s parents, the principal, and the Ministry of Education. The contact person for preschool visits is the administrator. Children at Waatea Early Childhood Centre in the transition unit have arranged enrolment visits with the new entrant’s teacher. The principal will conduct enrolment meetings with parents.

Parents complete an enrolment form to provide the school with information for its database. The school completes the enrolment process.